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April Challenge

As I mentioned here, Kristen challenged me to identify one item per day to get rid of this month. Part of the challenge was to imagine how life will be different when the clutter/chaos is gone. Here’s what I came up with (stealing some verbiage from Kristen):

  • My decluttered life will allow me to invite people over without worrying about a deep cleaning or what they’ll think.
  • My decluttered life will give me my apartment back! There will be no more floor space covered by boxes of stuff and/or donations. If it doesn’t have a purpose, it doesn’t need to take up space in a box. (FYI – This is a learned technique.)
  • My decluttered life will make cleaning easier! I can wipe surfaces easily and vacuum without obstacle maneuvering.
  • My decluttered life will mean less guilt for me. I’ll feel that my life is my own, not a shadow of my mother’s. I know I feel no guilt once things are gone, but the guilt I feel about boxes piled in a corner needles me daily. And with some mental work, I’ll reduce how often I tell myself, “I might need this someday” and “I can’t let this go because I paid X or so-and-so gave it to me.”
  • My decluttered life will create a relaxing and satisfying home environment. As William Morris said, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

I had plenty to choose from, and Kristen found this article which was helpful for the days I struggled to let go. There was plenty to throw away, but I was determined to also identify 30 things to donate. And for transparency purposes, here’s a list of the items I got rid of:

  1. Unused cat tree – Do cats ever use them?!
  2. JGL earrings – Yes! For those who want Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s face on their earlobes! 
  3. Several plant pots
  4. 6 poor quality rings
  5. 10+ necklaces
  6. 5+ bracelets
  7. Expanding file organizer
  8. 2 lamps
  9. Laptop bag
  10. Dozen or so books
  11. Cake stand
  12. Bird feeder
  13. iPod Nano
  14. Elephant tape dispenser
  15. 2 pairs of shoes
  16. Faux book box
  17. 2 extension cords
  18. Set of wall mirrors
  19. Router
  20. Set of sheets
  21. Promotional sport bottle
  22. Cell phone
  23. Tablet
  24. Camera
  25. Several frames
  26. Office supplies
  27. Several scarves
  28. Several throw pillows
  29. Several pieces of wall art
  30. Pet food dishes

Some of the items listed above were VERY hard to get rid. I had to work through some inaccurate cognitions about an item’s potential uses and what it meant to get rid of something that was gifted to me. Ultimately, it was a good challenge for me and I want to revisit it every so often to make sure I’m staying on track.

Thanks for the challenge Kristen! I couldn’t have done it without you!


3 thoughts on “April Challenge

  1. I am so impressed with everything that you designated to remove! I think it is a HUGE step in the direction of your decluttered life. I hope that this month helps us both launch a habit of removing things as soon as we identify them. No lingering, no guilt!


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